So I’m finally getting around to showing you the final instalment for my July PL… and it’s September, oops! I’ve been completely neglecting the blog and I hate it, so I’m going to make myself accountable this month and at least post once a week, so stay tuned.

Here’s my double page spread, I used up heaps of the cards and embellishments out of the studio calico PL kit and a few others I had out on my desk, and just tried to keep it really simple. I also printed out a photo of Tully and I as a 4×6 and covered the back with a 4×6 journalling card I’ve been saving for a while and just hole punched directly through it.

This page is all about us as a family, I love these pages! (Yes, I’ve become one of those weird dog people who talk about their dog like they’re human!)

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I’ve been on such a scrapbooking high lately. Everyday I just want to scrapbook until my hands hurt. It’s a good feeling. I have heaps of pages and layouts, I just never get around to putting them onto the blog. But, I really want to change that! Here’s the second instalment of my July project life pages. I had a heap of fun with it, I actually did the whole month in one sitting. The most annoying and time consuming part is printing and cutting all my photo’s down, once that’s done it’s as simple as picking out my favourite cards and shoving them into pockets then adding some embellishments.

I loved this happiness card and thought it would look great next to a 4×6 photo of Tully. I kept the embellishments fairly simple with a gorgeous wood grain chipboard sticker, a badge, enamel dots, staples, a wood veneer heart and some pink and red stamps printed onto white paper and backed by a cute pink grid paper. I also like to add the date the photo was taken directly onto the photo with my date stamp.

I love this page! It feels so fresh and rejuvenating. On this day, my mother in law Sonia, and I went to see an astrologer/ psychic. We had a blast! It was so interesting and so insightful and so reassuring. Lately I’ve been struggling with my life purpose and trying to find a career that will be fulfilling. I’ve been studying a Business degree for the last year and a half (it feels like waayyyy more than that!) and I’ve been feeling really unfulfilled and lost. In the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about being a teacher but have been struggling with making a decision. Within 15 minutes of my appointment with the astrologer and without me saying a word about it, he tells me that teaching is my destiny. To hear him say it was so reassuring. I think I just needed that push, you know. Anyway I wanted to dedicate a page to that day and that feeling. I loved the stamp saying we are made of stories and it seemed so fitting. We went to the ocean after our reading to sit and reflect and it felt good to add it into the page along with that gorgeous card with the quote on it and some journalling.

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So, I bought my first project life album! It’s been so much fun. I’ve always been so intimidated by PL for some reason, I think the big 12×12 layouts scared me, but I’ve been looking at the 6×8 albums for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. I got the linen (yay!) 6×8 album and I picked up a few extra page protectors too. I decided to take a pretty simple and laid back route and just do it as a monthly collection, instead of per week like a lot of people. By this  I mean all my photo’s etc don’t have to be in chronological order, as long as all my July photo’s are in my July section, then I’m happy.

It’s so much fun! Most of my photo’s were iPhone photo’s and I literally just edited them in iPhoto. I used cards out of heaps of different kits and lots of assorted embellishments too. I didn’t restrict myself to any colours or themes, all I wanted at the end of the day was for my photo’s to be printed and in my hands. I’ve got a fair few more pages to show you so stay tuned over the next week or so. Kiah. xx.

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My best friend’s pregnant (!!!!) and I wanted to start making her and her soon to be bebe some pretty things to put around the nursery. I wanted to use up things I already had and thought these little tissue paper flowers would be the perfect addition to the babes nursery. They’re really easy and relatively quick to make and they’re just going to look so adorable hung up in the nursery, I can’t wait! Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

Tissue paper in an assortment of colours ( at least three colours)
Plus a hot glue gun and yarn if you want to make the flowers into a garland.

What to do:

Gather your supplies. Leave your tissue paper folded in half, and make a cut about 4-5cm wide. Do this for each colour of tissue paper.

Put your tissue paper in the coloured layers you want. I did a bit of an ombre effect but it’s up to you.

Once the coloured strips are in an order you’re happy with, cut the strip into quarters. Then, start separating the papers. Each flower should get 2-3 layers of each colour, so depending on how many colours you have you should end up with about 12 layers of paper.

Staple all the layers together with two staples in the centre of the papers. Next, trim off the corners. (Keep the left over corners for confetti!)

Now it’s time to start forming the flower. Start at the top and lift up the first layer of paper and scrunch it up and in. Then continue this layer by layer, until your flower is formed. It really is that easy!

You can either stop here or you can make enough flowers to make a garland. To make the garland you’ll need at least 12 flowers and about 2-3m of yarn.

Cut your yarn and determine the distance you want between each flower. Using your hot glue gun, dab some glue in the centre of the back of the flower and press the yarn into the glue. Continue this until each flower is glued to the yarn. Hang up and enjoy your pretty flowers!

Can you guess what gender the baby is? Ha! Kiah. xx.

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